Bike Thing...

Well, not much this time, been really really busy, but gotta get myself back to working on this..... Enjoy! HMM!



Well, not having a lot of time lately but this is me trying to keep this blog updated...
The first is a sketch of a motorbike I did during a class, nothing weird but I like it... probably will turn it into an Alias model....soon....

And then there are some sketches of another sports car (Maserati perhaps??).... ENJOY!


Old theme, new technique...

Another sketch following the Audi theme, I'm actually getting bored with it... hopefully I'll get time soon to complete the alias model and finish this project...



Here are some new sketches from the Audi project. These are early, I actually wanted the car to be kind of a rally fighter... didn't really like it afterwards..

More to come.... HMM!



Not gonna say anything special about my first post except that I finally decided to give this blogspot thing a try... let's see how it goes.
For the first post something I've been working on lately, a concept for Audi, nothing really important, only doing it for fun. It should be a sports car, a heir to the Audi Quattro.. a lot more to come.